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Extron Electronics, known as Extron, is a manufacturer of professional audiovisual equipment. It is headquartered in Anaheim, California. Extron operates over 30 offices and regional training and demonstration facilities around the globe.


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Customer Service Representative 3 (Current Employee) says

"This place will hire you as a customer service rep, but expect for you to be an engineer with no pay, will be let go with no warning, keep a back up plan Cons: Everyone is sneaky"

QTO (Former Employee) says

"Very difficult the manager not good lead to be in that position always complains for the must minimize plus they force you to work OT they don’t respect any employees law"

Network Test Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Really bad. Needs a rework at the whole structural and management level. Especially the departments need more communication to meet product shipment dates. Additionally, there is no respect for work done, and it is more like a government job."

Education Technology Specialist (Former Employee) says

"What would of been potential for growth was a disappointment. Terrible, cold-hearted management. Very cutthroat environment. Very disappointed in the way I was let go of from this company. Cons: Poor management"

Software Applications Engineer (Former Employee) says

"bad supervisor"

Marketing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The only thing that's worse than working for Extron is being homeless and starving. Other than that, stay where you currently are and wait for another opportunity to arise. I wish I would have followed the advice online from several negative reviews. I ultimately had to pay the price. Also don't apply if you're not male, Christian, right-wing conservative and white. Again, stay away, hellish work culture of distrust. Cons: Public shaming, cameras anywhere, absolutely no innvation, controlling HR, people regularly get fired for no reason from one day to the next, If you have family and you rely on this job, it can put a major strain on your entire life"

QA - VideoTest Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Management has no idea what is going on. Close minded Management, Controlling and treated like a factory worker, have to punch-in and out for lunch, and at start/end of day."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Of all the companies I have worked for, this one has a suspicious attitude towards its professional staff."

Engineering Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Overall management and HR see employees as potential threats, not assets, so employees are constantly worried. I worked for the Project Management team. Be aware of the supervisor of this team. She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. My experience is only limited to her. The rest of the people I worked with were great. There are a lot of politics here and they promote a closed communication relationship. There’s a lack of trust in this company and definitely not a place for career growth. They don’t really have innovative solutions nor do they foster a culture of innovations. Cons: Lack of respect, trust, open communication"

Customer Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"Extron India doesn't have professionalism. HR is strict but I don't see that in Extron India location, the main people itself break the rules swipe in swipe out. They go out for hours together and come because they can change it manually. Oh god they are not fit to be a good manager. Spoiling Extron name simple. They fire the employee before 6 months such that he / she shouldn't get pf amount and one month salary. They give one day salary when they fire. They are spoiling others career. If we have to stick on then we have to pretend as if we have not seen anything wats happening there. I don't think SGP will ever come to know about their dramas in Extron Bangalore. Humble request please keep your personal affair outside the company and be professional in the office. Its like family business not an MNC company. They just making SGP and management fools. Cons: No job security"

Sr. QAE Lead (Current Employee) says

"Micro management organization with very little if at all career advancement. Job Security is stable for the most part and actual day to day tasks not difficult at all."

I plead the 5th (Former Employee) says

"It is really unfortunate that I have to write such a negative review about this company. However, the truth needs to be said that this is not a company I would ever recommend to anyone. Cons: human resources is "not a fit""

Associate Failure Analysis Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The salaries are low. The expectation of time for completion is shorter than what is reasonable for a project. An employee is made to feel that you are not completing what is expected, even when later it is determined that expectation was not reasonable. Each employee has to be concerned if they are next to get laid off or fired. Cons: Stressful, low pay, no bonus or reward for extra effort, no written account of an employees work(good or bad), a feeling of secrecy"

Marketing Communications Writer (Former Employee) says

"I made the unfortunate mistake of working at Extron in the 2001. I remember how happy I was to get a job after being unemployed for a few months and making what I thought was a decent wage. Cons: the military isn't as stringent"

QA Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This company gradually got worse over the last 10 years. Over the last 5 years it turned into a nightmare. The managers are abusive and are incompetent. It was mandatory to work 8.5 hours a day, whether it was needed or not, just so the head of the department can look good on paper. if you were short as little as a minute you would be RED FLAGGED. Morale was low through out the company. Anyone with real talent did not last long. HR has all the power and there has been a very high turn over rate. Take any positive review of Extron with a grain of salt. Management plants positive reviews to discredit the reality of whats going on there stated by the negative reviews. Unfair treatment of employees by management and HR. If you really want to know if these negative reviews are accurate, then seek a job with Extron and it won't take long before you experience all the negatives that Extron dishes out. This is why real talent doesn't stick around for very long. Cons: Heavily micromanaged, abusive management, creativity is not supported, keeping your mouth shut and doing what you are told to do, whether right or wrong is what management wants, long hours without justification, workload extreme, lack of training"

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Work is micromanaged like I've never experienced elsewhere. There is no consistent rhyme or reason of criteria used for advancement. Management lies when confronted or caught in an awkward position. HR is for the company, not the employee. Salary positions are no different than hourly, except without overtime pay. Cons: Micro managed, no clear pattern of advancement, inexperienced managers"

Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"This is not a workplace, it is a plantation of zombie slaves. Cons: Politics and zombie slavery"

A/P (Former Employee) says

"Employees are treated as a slave, sneaky management, unfriendly Vietnamese employees, poor communication, lack of training, unhealthy environment, low morale Cons: Horrible management, Vietnameses co-workers treat you like a servant if you are not one from their culture."

Financieel administratief medewerker (Former Employee) says

"Extron is op zich een goed bedrijf, maar erg zakelijk. Managers doen weinig moeite interesse te tonen in het personeel. Als je contract afgelopen is word je bij de manager geroepen en binnen een half uur sta je buiten. Een bedankje kan er niet af. Exit. Uit het oog uit het hart, Cons: Erg kil en zakelijk"

Application Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Top executives lack vision and direction. They paid a consulting company lots of money to drive the development of a new product only to cancel it shortly before launch. Also flip-flopped on whether or not to sell a different version of that product even when customers were asking for it Wrong/incompetent people in key management roles"

Former Employee - Quality Assurance says

"I worked at Extron Electronics full-time for more than 5 years Cons: NOTE: The below review does not apply for other departments. It is only applicable for QA department. Management is terrible with their ever-changing rules and process You hardly would get any time to do your work effectively. If you spend 3 hours behind wok, you have to spend the rest of the 5 hours of the day adhering to the non-logical time tracking and other internal processes which only caters for higher management to showcase themselves to be in the good graces of their own bosses (which I would not have a problem with, if any of those things make any sense at all) Compensation is below-average"

Former Employee - N/A says

"I worked at Extron Electronics full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Corporate atmosphere with small growth potential and very restrictive company policies. Senior employees are favored for antiquated ideas and methods. Very little desire to adapt to new ideas and changes."

Former Employee - Test Engineer says

"I worked at Extron Electronics full-time for more than a year Cons: No one in this place even cares to make it a better place. After only a few months there, I was able to notice that the management did not want to make a change for the better, and was even told by multiple supervisors that the 'production technicians are children.' The supervisors/management have no technical skills whatsoever and refuse to get in front of issues. Constantly, the job consisted of fixing broken methods that were used in the past."

Former Employee - Applications Engineer says

"I worked at Extron Electronics full-time for more than a year Cons: Top executives lack vision and direction. They paid a consulting company lots of money to drive the development of a new product only to cancel it shortly before launch. Also flip-flopped on whether or not to sell a different version of that product even when customers were asking for it Wrong/incompetent people in key management roles Middle management is full of pencil pushers who have been conditioned to only do what they are told to do. No initiative and no free thought to the point where even small-talk with their reports seems like a challenge Company culture is based on rigid and antiquated rules that seem to be meant to instill fear rather than provide a safe and friendly work environment Everything is a secret. Managers have no scruples lying to their reports about already known "secrets" No career growth or development. You get told to go to a conference or training without being consulted or even asked whether it has any benefit or not IT setup and rules hinder work progress and sometimes block it Small boats stored in the employees parking lot!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Extron Electronics full-time Cons: Poor career advancement, no onboarding, and low productivity Low morale in upper management by using fear tactic which requires people to brown nose Lack of passion in work Building begins to look like a prison A waste of time"

Former Employee - QA Test Engineer says

"I worked at Extron Electronics full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Abusive management. This company has turned into a cold corporate environment where the employees are treated poorly. Training is lacking, communication is poor, and salaried employees are made to work overtime for free even if there is nothing to do."

Current Employee - Applications Engineer, Controls says

"I have been working at Extron Electronics full-time for more than a year Cons: Horrible management. Morale starts at the top and management is not afraid to express how unhappy they are. They have no concept or training of leadership or management. It's obvious they don't care about their job. There is a high turnover rate for employees here. The HR dept. here also needs much improvement. It's easy to stop caring after so many years here. Just look at all the disgruntled veterans."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Extron Electronics full-time Cons: HR- hands down the reason this company struggles to hire the best people and retain them. Intimidating relentless and not looking out for employee welfare. Ability to misconstrue every conversation email message looking to VPs - seem to have a god complex. Company is tyrannically run and micromanaged making for a very hostile work environment. Time clocks and strict adherence to meeting and exceeding 80 hours. Employees so worried they keep track themselves so they are not called in to discuss performance No advancement opportunities so most people look to put in a few years and leave"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Extron Electronics full-time for less than a year Cons: People live in fear of HR. HR is always breathing down your neck. You will have to clock in when you get to work, clock out when you leave for lunch, clock in again when come back from lunch and clock out when you leave for the day. If this sounds tedious and outdated, it is and if you don't get 80hrs every 2 weeks, you'll get warnings from HR and threats of termination even if your only shy of an hour. If you want a no stress work environment, you don't care about career progression, you don't care about learning anything new, you want to do the bare minimum and get away with it, you're about to retire, or you're okay with below average pay then this is your dream company. If you are a smart, talented engineer I would recommend you steer clear of this company. There are plenty of better companies to work for out there. Usually I wouldn't waste my time writing a review but I have been mistreated by HR twice. Initially when I got an offer from Extron the salary was well below average and I tried to negotiate, but HR wouldn't budge on their offer and threatened to move on to the next candidate if I didn't accept the offer in 3 days. Then when I decided to leave the company for a better opportunity, HR decided to not pay for the 2 days that were paid holidays. I will definitely miss my co-workers, but Extron you will not be missed."

QA Test Engineer says

"I worked at Extron Electronics for more than a year Cons: - Super low salary - Crazy work hours - Your input is not wanted, just be a puppet - You will be micromanaged for sure. - lunch time is 30 minutes, you have to clock out and in for lunch, and you have to explain if you take longer. Also you have to be at work at 8, and will have to send an email to the manager and HR if you are late even a few minutes. - The director walks in the cubical area to make sure no phones are out of any purses or on any desks. - Your monitor should be visible at all times so that they can see what you are doing. - Only work here if you can't find anywhere else, and make sure you switch as soon as you find somewhere else"

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